Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Family Mediators  specialise in helping separating or separated couples make decisions about their children and their finances.

Mediation can:

  • Cut the emotional cost to you of separating or divorcing
  • Cut the emotional cost for your children when their parents live apart
  • Cut the time it takes to sort out your differences by enabling you to talk directly with each other
  • Cut the financial cost compared to alternatives

Separating is an emotional time for everyone concerned.  You may experience a whole range of feelings that make it very difficult for the two of you to decide the practicalities of living apart. This is where mediation can really help.

Mediation offers an opportunity for the two of you to meet together to make plans about new arrangements for the future.  These may be about your children and how they will divide their time between two households or it may be about your finances and your property. Nothing is too big or too small to discuss in mediation. Every family is different and will have different needs and priorities.