Medical Herbalism

What is Medical Herbalism?

Medical herbalism is the practice of using traditional knowledge about medicinal plants together with an understanding of modern clinical medicine. Herbalists take an holistic approach to treatment, compiling a full picture of each patient before diagnosis and the prescription of medicine. A course of treatment is usually a one-hour first appointment, with one or two half-hour follow-ups. The prescription will change as the condition improves.

People bring to a herbalist many problems, but conditions that we commonly see are skin complaints, digestive disorders, hormone imbalances and emotional problems. Caroline has a particular interest in treating women with menopausal symptoms, and in helping people whose troubles are associated with trauma.

Herbal medicine is renowned as a safe therapy and medical herbalists can work alongside orthodox medical treatment as they understand medical practice and know about possible drug interactions. Herbal medicine is particularly suitable for children and the elderly, being gentle and with few, if any, side effects.